Monday, September 20, 2021

Um, Mine

 It seemed as if everyone wanted to be near him. We went to the Bagel Nosh in Squirrel Hill and the hostess asked him for his autograph. We went to the Union Grill on N. Craig Street in Oakland for turkey Devonshire and the waitress dropped what she was holding when she saw him. I walked out of the bathroom at the Upstage and heard a girl say, “That’s her!”. Next thing I knew I was being followed and a girl was stomping on my heels. I turned and shoved her. She shoved me back. I was absolutely enraged. I ran to my bouncer friend and he kicked her and her friends out of the bar. What the actual fuck. I once walked away to the restroom and returned to witness a guy giving him the phone number of a cute girl who liked him. I asked him what was that and he popped it in his mouth and chewed it up! So funny. I was the only cute girl he was interested in. And he made the poems in my heart rhyme…And he will forever only be mine.

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