Sunday, September 19, 2021

I Like That You Like Him, Too

 Now he sleeps in my bed. He is part of my friend group. We go out on weeknights and drink pitchers of beer and play darts. We didn’t have a first date. We just melded into each other. He had a few gigs each week. Some with the Affordable Floors and some with The Nixon Clocks. This is what I do now. I go see him. I remember feeling anxious until I made my way to the same room as him. He had my heart.

I was finishing up my senior year at Robert Morris. I was an Economics major. I majored in Economics because I had no I idea what to do with my life. It was hard and I think I thought, if I failed it would be no wonder - that was a difficult major. I didn’t fail, but I never used it and kick myself these days for a bad decision.

I’d hear girls calling his name from the balcony at Graffiti. I’d hear girls talking about him in the bathroom at Nick’s. I liked it. I liked girls liking him. It was flattering. When he got home and all was quiet and it was just us. He’d say…
J’ai faim de toi…

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