Sunday, September 12, 2021


 So, the boy and I began to acknowledge each other. My friends and I divided our time on Thursday nights. We first went to Nick’s Fat City to see the Nixon Clocks. We drank 2 dollar Rolling Rocks and learned and sang the songs. We left around 11 pm to go to our favorite place,

The Upstage. How we loved retro night. We drank 25 cent drafts and screamed laughed at our banter. We danced and drank and laughed. The boy found me after his show. I joked that he was stalking me. I wasn’t the nicest girl. I was afraid all the time back then and I didn’t want the boy to know. I played coy and I played hard to get. The boy smiled wildly at me and touched my hand.
I married him. He was the sweetest boy in the world.

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