Sunday, September 12, 2021

Prequel - Encountering the Boy 1993

Since I can’t sleep I’ll tell a story. Kim and I used to go see The Affordable Floors at Graffiti. Kim was a fan longer than me - I think she even introduced me to their music. I was instantly a fan. She and I used to climb up on a speaker at the edge of the dance floor. We weren’t dancers and that spot kept us safe from getting bumped into by drunks. One night a boy wearing a ball cap backwards approached us. He apologized and asked if he could have our spot only for a few minutes. We were kind and let the boy have the spot. The show began and the keyboard player, Kirk, stopped the show. A silly banter ensued and the band asked the crowd if anyone could play keys as Kirk needed to record A Current Affair. The crowd went wild and the spotlight landed on the boy who took our seat. He jumped up and went on stage. He seamlessly played the show. I married him… He was the sweetest boy in the world…

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